Here is the beautiful Berkshires, we love to acknowledge people who make a difference in our area and this time around we pay homage to Carol Bosco-Baumann who was recently appointed as Executive Director of the county's Development Corporation. She brings plenty of experience to the table as she offers skills of high level strategic marketing, branding and communications consulting. Carol feels like this new venture is a perfect fit for her as she understands various pillars in making our local economy stronger each and every day.

Carol has been a resident of Housatonic for almost three decades as she provides a positive impact on a daily basis with additional skills as the aim is to create equal opportunity for all within the county. She is focusing her energy on the housing situation in our backyard as her mission is to gain affordable housing for all low income residents focusing on Windrush Commons, a new 49 unit complex that will be situated just south of Main Street in Great Barrington.

Discussions are currently under way with town representatives and government officials and local merchants as all parties will team up to bring this important subject on the forefront. lately local business have been on a limited staff due to the economic impact and gas prices that have stifled the quality of life. In a nutshell, community involvement is paramount to achieve results.

Carol previously worked in Boston for an organization best known as The Boston-Fenway Alliance as she was volunteering her services in the creation of a summer camp for underprivileged youngsters. Her hard work translated into a paid position as she worked hand-in-hand with children that embraced the opportunity. Upon her re-location to Housatonic, she was committed to better serve the village's needs. CDSCB Board president Jim Harwood spoke highly of her efforts:

"Carol Bosco-Baumann is the perfect person to lead the CDCSB at this exciting time for our organization. She is a 25 plus year resident of Housatonic with an intimate understanding of our community's economic and housing needs".

Carol could not resist discussing the current water situation in our residence (This impacts yours truly as well) as this hot button topic is causing hardship due to excessive manganese in furnaces and having to do their laundry in adjoining towns including Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge. She believes that rural areas are not given the same attention as bigger cities and towns and is against the local water company's action to raise rates as this will cause more hardships to people's budgets as residents don't need to purchase water, which is a human right for all. her mission is to change these inconveniences by also offering compensatory options which have not have been discussed as of yet.

Let's congratulate Carol as we are SO proud to have her in our corner. We wish her the BEST of luck in this new adventure as she will strive to make living in Berkshire county a pleasant experience for everyone. For more information on her agenda, log on to the CDSCB's web site by going here.

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