All this talk of Mega Millions consecutive jackpot winnings in Massachusetts has got money on my brain. Money. A societal construct that replaced the old trade and barter system of the cavemen. I think I have that right. 😀

The class your born into largely predicts the class you'll end up in most cases. While the preceding is true, there are folks who are absolutely self made. So, it's possible to be not born rich and then get rich by good ole fashioned hard work.

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This country seems to be obsessed with wealth. The Kardashians. Private jets. You get  the idea. But what about the state of Massachusetts as a whole? Well, we rank second in the nation for wealth, with only Connecticut being richer.

What About The Cities and Towns In Massachusetts? Who Takes The Cake?

Dover, Massachusetts does.

The richest town in Massachusetts is Dover. Situated along the southern banks of the Charles River, this city sits about 40 minutes from Boston and is a predominantly residential area. The local community is known for its nationally-ranked school systems, safe streets, and charming atmosphere – all of which help to keep the area family-friendly. With a per capita income of about $134k, and average home prices close to $1.6 Million, Dover is the best place in the state for a luxury lifestyle.

Towns such as Wayland, Carlisle, and Winchester make the list of the most wealthy as well.

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