It was that time for me again yesterday. My Massachusetts inspection sticker was set to expire at the end of February. With the new law in place imploring me to get it on time or face a financial consequence, I made the trip to the dealer.

For some reason, I was obsessed with inspection stickers as a kid. I can't even explain why, it's such an ODD thing to be interested in. Right? My oldest son now is following the tradition as he actually reminded me about my upcoming expiration date haha.

Why Do They Change Colors Every Year?

The answer here is sort of obvious. Even though law enforcement has this information in their cruiser via the computer about the status of your inspection sticker, the color change makes it easier to spot if you are in contempt.

What About Rejection Stickers (R)?

So you can fail an inspection sticker for couple of reasons...

Black “R” = Your vehicle failed its emissions test. Red “R” = Your vehicle failed its safety inspection or both its safety inspection and emissions test. If you return your vehicle to the same inspection station by the date printed on the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), the re-test is free.

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Just a reminder that if your vehicle is more than 15 years old, you do not have to pass emissions in Massachusetts.

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