"Dad, can we go to The Big E this year"? My oldest son is already peppering me with these questions.

He really got to experience all that is The Big E last year for the first time as he was tall enough to ride the fun stuff. His younger brother, not so much. Yet.

What child or adult doesn't love fair food, beer, rides, and buying stuff?

Did You Know Massachusetts' 'The Big E' Is The Third Largest Fair In The U.S.?

The Big E Facebook
The Big E Facebook


This mega fair attracts 1.5 million people.

Also known as the Eastern States Exposition, The Big E includes all 6 New England States: Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

The fair is held in Massachusetts and hosts “state days” that allow each state to showcase their individual history and traditions.

The Big E has fried just about any food imaginable, and has all the traditional fair food staples. Don’t forget to end your meal with a Big E Cream Puff, the fair’s signature dessert! -readers.com

My wife and I even picked up a wood stove one year at the better living center. There is literally so much to do at this massive fair.


What Are The Other Two Fairs That Are Bigger Than The Big E?

1. State Fair of Texas (2.25 million visitors)

2. Minnesota State Fair (2 million visitors)

The Big E has been around for more than one hundred years (1917) and is a central Massachusetts staple as the summer turns into fall.

I hope you found this post informative.

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