The does U.S. own all of its land? The topic of Chinese owned land in America can rub people the wrong way. I didn't even know China owned any land in the U.S. When I say "China", I don't mean the Chinese government, but Chinese investors.

This Foreign Country Owns 250,000 Acres In New York

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Foreign countries do own land in the U.S., but for the purpose of this post I'm talking about Canada. Of all the foreign owned land, Canada owns 31% of the total.

Canada owns the most and China owns the least

Of all foreign-owned U.S. land, Canadian investors owned the most at 12.8 million acres. This makes up 31% of all foreign-owned U.S. land.

Four other countries held 12.4 million acres combined, or another 31% of foreign-owned land: the Netherlands (12%), Italy (7%), the United Kingdom (6%), and Germany (6%). China holds less than 1%.

What land are foreign investors interested in?

Land not for residential development, but timber, forest land, crops, and pasture according to the USDA.

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Where does Canada own land in New York? 250,000 acres or nearly 400 square miles

  • Clinton County - 45,000 acres
  • Franklin County - 81,000 acres
  • St. Lawrence County - 2,700 acres
  • Lewis County - 16,900 acres
  • Hamilton County - 1,000 acres
  • Essex County - 2,200 acres
  • Oneida County - 3,600 acres
  • Delaware County - 1,900 acres
  • Steuben County 37,987 acres
  • Alleghany County 7,700 acres
  • Cattaraugus County 29,329 acres
  • Wyoming County 3,378 acres

Farm real estate in 2023 was about $4,100 an acre, according to global affairs.

Which New England state does Canada own the most land in? Maine.

By a mile.

Canada owns around 3,200,000 acres of U.S. land in the state of Maine. Canada owns very little land in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

China owns 380,000 acres of land in the U.S.

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