In 2018, the top of the Billboard charts is home to the likes of Drake, Ed Sheeran and Cardi B — but how different did things look 10 years ago? Let's take a gander.

In March 2008, Sara Bareilles was just emerging as a viable pop act, Alicia Keys was making a number of impressions on charts with As I Am, her third studio album, and we were just getting a taste of Taylor Swift-the-pop star. The Billboard Hot 100 was as varied as it was memorable, and also included Rihanna getting in touch with her bad side ("Don't Stop the Music"), Ray J lighting up dancefloors ("Sexy Can I") and Linkin Park rocking airwaves with "Shadow of the Day."

In the playlist above, we've compiled a list of the Top 20 songs (they're in correct order from Nos. 1 through 20) from the week ending March 8, 2008. Go ahead and press play, take a quick walk through memory lane and if there's a song that reminds you most of life one decade ago, share it in the comments.

Signs the Early Aughts Are Definitely Back:

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