We all like to get tricky. We all like to evade authority at times in Massachusetts to avoid paying up, right? Well some of us do. I mean, I have never done this, but it's kind of a thing.

Tricks To Avoid MA Parking Tickets - Are They Worth It?

We are talking about the parking enforcement officer here, not a law enforcement officer. Meter maid is not the preferred nomenclature anymore.

Like with anything else in life, ego can take over and some folks think the rules don't apply to them or they just downright think they won't get caught. Ok, I'll stop projecting.

If You Stick An Old Parking Ticket On Your Windshield, Will You Avoid Getting Another?

Parking Ticket
Allan Pospisil

I personally know someone who does this and gets away with it!

The good news: If you do this, you probably won't get in trouble for it; but you'll most likely tick off the parking enforcement officer and he or she might not go so easy on you in terms of a fine if you happen to be in violation of parking rules.

The bad news: Of course this doesn't work! I mean, you might get lucky once or twice. You might catch the parking officer on a shift change or maybe if he or she is lazy, but they've got a job to do and that job is to identify, report, and tag illegally parked vehicles. They've got computer systems and and they're paying attention, especially if they're "patrolling" a small area. Their eyes are on the prize, baby.


Now, a fake handicap placard? That's a whole different story.

The RMV will suspend the license or right to operate of a person who misuses a disability plate or placard for 60 days for a first offense, 120 days for a second offense, and one year for a third and subsequent offense. Anyone who wrongfully displays a disability placard is subject to a fine of $500 to $1000. -mass.gov

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