With the first half of her historic four year term now complete, Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer announces her second annual State of the City Address, this Monday, January 8th, at The Zion Lutheran Church on First Street in Pittsfield. The event is free and open to the public and begins at 5 pm.

In January of 2017, after her first year at the helm , Madame Mayor invited the public to join her at the Colonial Theater, another historic downtown venue, to share accomplishments of the past twelve months, challenges that still loomed, and what she was looking forward to in the coming year. The inaugural event was well attended by members of the administration, public service officials, city officials and every day citizens, myself included. After asking around with some local history buffs, this is the first time, or at least the first time in recent memory, that a Mayor has chosen to do a yearly public address, and it received a warm welcome.

She [Tyer] is the first mayor that I can recall doing a state of the city address. I think it's helpful for the Mayor to provide updates of progress and information on upcoming projects

Pittsfield City Council President, Peter Marchetti 

I personally found it refreshing, and to be quite honest, a lot more entertaining then I had expected. Over the course of the year we often forget what has transpired, so it was nice to take a look back on the highlights, but Mayor Tyer did not shy away from issues still facing the city, or places she felt her administration could improve.

I think that it is great the Mayor is communicating her administrations thoughts on where we are now, and the vision she has for the future of our City.

Councilor At-Large, Peter White

So often I hear folks say, 'why hasn't such and such happened?' 'where is all this money going?' 'what has the city done for me lately?', and while this isn't a town hall question and answer format, it is a great representation of what is going on the city, and provides answers to many of the questions.

Check out the Facebook event page for details.

Will you be attending the 2018 State of the City Address?

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