The U.S. government really went into overdrive to help its citizens financially soon after the coronavirus pandemic was declared a national emergency in March of 2020.

While most needed the relief, some felt as though the benefits were too good. Since the re-opening of most businesses, we are seeing the fallout from that. Businesses are desperate to find help.

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At one point, if one got laid off due to COVID, there was an extra $600 a week in your check! Some were making MORE on unemployment than they were at their jobs. That $600 eventually went to $300 a week, but as of Monday that has ended.

That means some 9 million people will lose all benefits and another 3 million will see weekly checks reduced by $300, according to an estimate by The Century Foundation.

The end of the federal unemployment insurance programs comes as the delta variant of coronavirus continues to threaten the economic recovery from the pandemic and sweeping lockdowns to curb the disease last year.

If you have children and qualify; however, part of Biden's relief package included a temporary increase in the Child Tax Credit for 2022. This program is designed, in fact, to get qualifying Americans the money early as most are seeing direct deposits around mid-month until December 2021.
While it's subjective, at the pandemic's beginning, some citizens felt slighted that their neighbor might have been sitting around collecting over $1000 a week, while some had to tough it out amid fears of falling ill.
Some businesses across The Berkshires, and nationally as well, are struggling to find help.

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