If you have an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device you should update your software ASAP.  You may have seen the story develop over the last couple of days that Apple has issued an urgent update.  If you still have ignored or still procrastinating the few simple steps to update your device you are at risk.

Here at Townsquare Media security is taken very seriously.  There are security training programs, security reviews, and the IT security team even sends out fake phishing emails purposely trying to catch employees that just click on anything and everything.  You click on one of the company’s fake phishing emails and you get slapped on the wrist and sent directly back to the 20-minute internet security training video, followed by a test you must pass to continue on with your day.

The software vulnerability threat made public yesterday has nothing to do with clicking on a phishing email or link.  This particular security threat opens the door to being hacked without users having to click on anything.

So, take a few minutes from scrolling aimlessly on Facebook or shooting your talking dog for a TikTok video and update your iPhone software first to iOS 14.8 to protect yourself from a potential attack.

Updating your software is as easy as going to “SETTINGS” …click on “GENERAL” and then click on “SOFTWARE UPDATE” to download.  The entire process may vary depending on a number of factors but on average the update will take around 10 minutes to complete.

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