Tourism in The Berkshires is a main source of revenue for many businesses throughout the county. Visitors from around the world come to check out our beautiful corner of New England and there's always an abundance of options for lodging.

In recent years, the short-term rental industry has exploded in The Berkshires. Residents and property management companies take advantage of travelers wanting a more unique stay than your average chain hotel.

One of the most unique rentals in the county is small but mighty with jaw-dropping views. In fact, the owners refer to the views at "America's Switzerland". While the views are grandiose, the accommodations in the tiny home are modest and simplistic, but warm and sophisticated, which appeals to travelers wanting to unwind and disconnect from the hectic world below.

The Mahican Cabin is at the highest peak of the Hoosac Range known as the western summit and borders 750 acres of protected land so social distancing is not a problem. Guests will get to enjoy the modern comforts of a real bed with a memory foam mattress, along with heat and A/C. Inside the cabin, they have access to a mini-fridge and a full bath, although the outdoor shower has some impressive views.

Outside visitors will experience staggering views with a deck overlooking the most amazing Berkshires Sunset. The "outdoor living room" includes a firepit, an outdoor dining area with a private picnic table, a hammock, and a park-style charcoal grill.

The "superhosts" of the property created a “Cabin Concierge Service" in which they will set up your firepit, clean and stock your grill, and deliver cakes, wine, hot meals, and sushi to the cabin in picnic baskets. Host Lea is an award-winning chef and they also have a sushi chef, two bakers, and a chocolatier working for them.

Check out all the details of the property on Airbnb and see the amazing photos below.


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