I realize that a few of you, ok, MOST of you out there might be a little bummed out about the Patriots DEVASTATING loss in Super Bowl 52 last night. Today could be a tough one from you, but have no fear, I'm here to help.

As a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, a team that for most of my adult life has done a lot of losing, I know how to soften to the blow, and come back from a huge loss. The key my friends, is HUMOR! Laughing cures all, the belly laugh that you try to hold back because you're in morning, you just need to let it out.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel, dropping another clutch episode of Mean Tweets; NFL Edition This round has some gems, including T.Y. Hilton, Peyton Manning, legend Terry Bradshaw, and New England's own Danny Amendola, just to name a few. I promise a few good laughs will lift your spirit.


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