All four candidates running for Mayor in the City of Pittsfield were under the lights last night for the first debate of the season.  Scott Graves, Karen Kalinowsky, Councilor-at- Large Melissa Mazzeo and Mayor Linda Tyer, all appeared at BCC for a forum co-sponsored by the College, Pittsfield Gazette, and Pittsfield Community Television.

The debate comes just three weeks before the preliminary election Sept. 17 which will narrow the field from four to two.  Moderated by local radio host Larry Kratka, questions varied from emergency plans in the case of massive power outages, to outdoor marijuana growing facilities, but surprisingly skipped over topics of contention including education and metered parking.

The two political veterans, incumbent Mayor Linda Tyer and long time Councilor-at-Large Melissa Mazzeo both came prepared, throwing some veiled and not so veiled digs each others way.  Graves and Kalinowsky, both new comers to city government, admitted they were nervous in the spotlight and both spoke of personal experiences that sparked their interest in making changes in the city.

Pittsfield Community Television broadcast the event on City Link 1301 and on FaceBook Live as well. Check the debate in it's entirety below.

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