On Tuesday night, voters from Lanesborough and Williamstown took their seats, a mere miles away from each other, to decide whether or not to regionalize the school districts. It was a resounding vote of approval from both sides.

Williamstown Elementary School had very little, if any, opposition. In this video posted by iBerkshires.com on their Facebook page Tuesday night, when asked for anyone being opposed, you could hear crickets.


With the positive result of the voting, the two elementary schools in Lanesborough and Williamstown will now become one school district, along with Mount Greylock and the SU71 school committee. Rather than have three separate school districts, there will now be one to keep things simpler and save money in the long run.

"This is like a marriage. We've been living together for many years and now we are going to make it official," said School Committee Member PJ Pannesco to iBerkshires.com on Tuesday.

After nearly four-years of effort, the school district regionalization has officially taken that step forward.

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