The final weekend of October is amongst us and that includes Halloween festivities are up and running throughout our listening area. It's fortunate this year's "All Hallows Eve" falls on a Sunday as youngsters take the day to relax and rejuvenate prior to seeking a few tricks or treats once the sun sets (they must also be on the lookout for some ghosts, goblins and other creatures of the night).

We want to make sure everyone has a happy and SAFE Halloween by offering some suggestions on how we can ALL enjoy the fun that October 31st offers:

For starters, BE VISIBLE at ALL TIMES! This is the number one mandate that will keep everyone safe as others are aware of your presence. It is customary for youngsters to wear reflective tape on their designated costumes or you can promptly display them on their trick-or-treat bags.

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At least one adult should supervise children while they are making their rounds. It is also suggested that you travel in small groups with either family members or close friends who you are comfortable with. Someone should also have a flash light in hand as motorists will have an idea you're in a designated area and again you can be seen to avoid a dire situation.

Homeowners should also follow some guide lines this Sunday. If you own a four legged friend, make sure your pet is indoors as any excessive noise could upset their daily routine as they are not prone to distractions. If you are participating in giving out candy and other goodies to unexpected visitors, make sure your porch light remains on until all trick-or-treaters retire for the evening.

The most important factor in this equation is that masks MUST be worn and proper social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced for all those who are venturing outdoors as we are STILL not out of the woods regarding the year and a half long pandemic. It is fortunate that we are once again resuming a sense of normalcy, but if we team up together to keep our communities safe, we'll ALL be a lot better by using a little "common sense" to make things less complicated.


Parents should remember to inspect ALL treats before they are consumed as a safety precaution as many incidents regarding tainted candy have been reported. Plus, ration your treasures as a whole bag of assorted sweets could last for about an extra week or two. Also, keep them refrigerated to assure no spoilage will occur.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! A little bit of trivia for this day: Nevada became our 36th state on October 31st, 1864 as I'm positive they will be offering a bevy of tricks and treats to celebrate the momentous occasion.

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