During the past several months the Massachusetts State Police Commonwealth Interstate Narcotics Reduction Enforcement Team (CINRET West), the Department of Homeland Security Investigations, FBI / MSP Western MA Gang Task Force, and the Holyoke Police Department have been investigating the suspected distribution of Heroin from a residence in Holyoke. Based on the investigation, a Holyoke District Court search warrant was issued and for that residence and included a named target Donivan Brooks, 28, of Holyoke.
According to a release from the State Police, shortly after 6 a.m. today the above units and departments joined Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section and DEA Springfield to execute a search warrant at that residence which resulted in the seizure of the following evidence:
- A safe containing one clear plastic knotted bag of white powder suspected to be Cocaine (approximately 18 grams), a clear plastic bag of a substance suspected to be Psychedelic Mushrooms (approximately 7 grams), 450 bags/dosage units of a substance suspected to be Heroin, a plastic container containing Xanax prescription medication (approximately 7 pills), and approximately $1,000 in cash.
- A backpack with three bags containing a combined 21,500 bags/dosage units of heroin weighing an approximate total of 430 grams.
- A safe containing a bundle of white wax paper folds with 10 bags/dosage units of a substance suspected to be Heroin.
- A plastic storage bin containing a bundle of white wax paper folds with 10 bags/dosage units of a substance suspected to be Heroin.
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While on scene Troopers and Officers conducted an inquiry of another occupant in the residence, identified as Alvin Heard, 35, of Holyoke. The inquiry confirmed Heard had two active warrants for his arrest out of Holyoke and Chicopee District Courts.
Both Brooks and Heard were placed under arrest and transported to the Holyoke Police Department. Both the case and investigation remain ongoing at this time. Brooks was charged with the following offenses:
1. Trafficking 200+ Grams of Heroin;
2. Trafficking 18-36 Grams of Cocaine;
3. Possession of a Class C Substance with Intent to Distribute; and
4. Possession of a Class B Substance with Intent to Distribute.

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