Beth Larrow of Pittsfield, MA is an avid listener of our radio show and just an all around good person. It's no surprise her wish came true that Chewy Claus reunite her son Dan Larrow and his beloved pit bull, Blue.

Dan is serving in the United States Army at the moment and rarely gets a chance to come home to Pittsfield and Chewy, an online retailer of pet food based in Florida, absolutely made his day.

Chewy Claus is making your holiday wishes come true one letter at a time. Send your letter with your holiday list—however big or small—and it might just get fulfilled!

Plus, for every letter sent we'll donate 1 lb of pet food & supplies to Greater Good
Charities for pets in need—up to 200,000 lb.

Blue lives with his Grandmother in Pittsfield, MA

Screen grab from Chewy on YouTube
Screen grab from Chewy on YouTube

After seeing an ad for Chewy Claus, Larrow wrote to the online retailer and was chosen as a recipient for the prize.

As much as Blue is loved and cared for by me in Dan's absence, I know they absolutely miss each other.

I am so grateful to Chewy for appreciating Dan's sacrifice while he serves in the Army and their generosity in bringing Dan home to visit.

I was more than thrilled and you can see in the video that Blue was too. -Beth Larrow 

Dan Larrow, a personal trainer who ran "Raw", a crossfit style gym in Pittsfield in the early 2010's, joined the Army in 2020. He adopted Blue from the Berkshire Humane Society in 2015.

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