There have been some interesting events happening in the skies lately. Between spy balloons or even some other 'UFOs' that have been making the rounds in the news, there is also something being spotted over Massachusetts. So, what exactly is it that we are seeing in the sky over the Bay State?

Videos were sent in of an odd string of lights that baffled sky-watchers. The string of lights looks like something you might see in a re-enactment video in an episode of 'Unsolved Mysteries'. It seemed like some Bay Staters who saw the unusual light display might eventually be on an upcoming episode of the show until we found out what the lights were. But see for yourself. What is that thing?

The video comes courtesy of what was sent into CBS Boston.

As it turns out, the lights ended up being Starlink Satellites. The satellites are operated by SpaceX. So, no, the string of lights weren't some sort of other worldly spaceship that is checking in on Massachusetts. It seems that if the sun is positioned just right, the Starlink Satellites can be visible in the night sky.

Dr. Olivier de Weck, a professor within the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explains how this it's possible for these satellites to be seen:

They all get launched in one pack with a Falcon 9 rocket and once in orbit, they get strung out gradually in this line that you see in the sky...They're in the same orbital plane and then over the course of several weeks, those satellites will drift apart and they will be put into just the right slot in that constellation, so you won't see that line anymore after several days and weeks because each satellite is controlled individually to find its right place in that constellation.

dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

And there you have it. There is no crazy conspiracy theory when it comes to any of this. We know how some people like to explore 'alternative facts' and get riled up about some things they see, or explore wild delusions like space lasers and absurd ideas as such. However, this thing you may see has a perfectly factual explanation. So, keep looking up, you just might see it in the next couple days, Massachusetts.

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