If you've noticed what seems like some extra skunk activity lately, you're not alone. Many people have picked up on the extra odor and activity and no, it's not the pot dispensaries.

It's actually skunk breeding season. The season typically occurs February through March and during this time, as well as during the months that follow, it is not uncommon for skunks to become more active, even during the day, as they prepare for and take care of their babies.

The Pittsfield Police Department's Animal Control Unit has some tips to make your property less attractive to skunks:

  • Remain calm if you encounter a skunk. Be quiet and move away slowly so that it doesn't feel threatened.
  • Secure your garbage so that they can't get into it.
  • Keep bird feeder areas clean.
  • Turn on floodlights and scan your yard before letting your dog out at night.
  • Feed pets indoors.

For more information check out this article on the Pittsfield Police Department's website.

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