While today's snow flurries gave us a small preview of what's to come, a bigger storm is brewing midweek as moisture moves up the eastern US coastline. That will mix with the cold planted over New England and trigger heavy snow.

Although meteorologists are still determining the exact track, it looks like the southeastern part of the state will see the greatest snow totals, possibly over a foot. However, most of Massachusetts has a healthy shot of getting at least six inches.

Right now travel on Wednesday should not be an issue, although travel Thursday morning could be difficult. Almost all forecasts are predicting the snow to start around midnight for the Berkshires, and it should come down--possibly heavy at times--through noon on Thursday.

The Nation Weather Service says the Focus of the heaviest snow expected to be in Connecticut, Rhode Island and southeast Massachusetts,  but that could shift North or South easily. If the storm does move north, The Berkshires should expect more snow.  Meteorologists also a expect sharp cutoff in the snow on the northern edge of the storm, likely near Route 2 in the northern part of the state.



Popular local snow prediction blog Greylock Snow Day believes the storm wil play out in one of two scenarios:

One scenario is that the storm doesn't quite push far enough north and drifts underneath us out to see. In that situation, we could see 3-6" in South County and 1-3" for the rest of us. The other scenario is that the storm "bombs out" on the coast and pushes heavy frozen precipitation well into Western Mass and southern Vermont and New Hampshire. If that were to happen, South County is looking at 10-16" and 4-8" in North County.

As always, Live 95.9 will keep you up to date on closings and cancellations due to the storm on-air and on our Winter Watch page.

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