Today, February 23rd, is National Banana Bread Day (because there’s a day for everything).

Just like the title of my post says, I’d like to know…which place in Berkshire County has the best banana bread?  It’s one of my favorite snacks, and I need to find out where I should go to enjoy the best!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my wife, who makes great banana bread.  She started making it because we’re terrible with bananas, and instead of throwing the over-ripe ones away, why not make bread?

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No one really knows when and where banana bread originated, but most historians believe it was sometime in the 18th Century, and probably here in America.

What they are more certain of, is it became popular in the United States in the early 1930’s, during the Great Depression.  It makes sense…bananas are pretty easy to get anytime of the year, they’re generally cheap, and baking soda and baking powder were being mass produced.  Also, like my wife and I, people of the Great Depression didn’t want to throw ANY food away, and found a use for overripe bananas.  Thus, during the 1930’s, you would have seen banana bread recipes everywhere.

And guess what?  They’re still everywhere.  Did you know that banana bread recipes are the most searched “bread” recipes online?  People have good taste!

Also, did you know:

By amount sold, bananas are the most popular fruit in the United States?

Individual bananas are called fingers?

Side dishes are best cooked with green bananas, but yellow and ripe bananas are best for breads and cookies?

Whether you put butter on it, or eat it as-is, enjoy some banana bread today!  And let me know in the comments who has the best banana bread in The Berkshires!

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