The morning of Friday, Sep. 20, Taconic High School will stand in silent solidarity for Fridays for Future, a global movement, protesting the governments lack of action to reduce climate change.

In a press release, Taconic senior Jenyka Ostellino highlighted the movement and why the students wanted to participate.  The release is as follows:

The majority of scientists have confirmed that the greenhouse effect, which warms the earth, is intensified by the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases produced by human activities. One activist, Greta Thunberg has gone above and beyond to bring attention to this. Her movement, Fridays for Future is a worldwide demonstration for students to protest the government’s inaction to reduce the effects of climate change.

To protest carbon emissions generated by travel, Greta took a solar-powered sailboat across the Atlantic to the White House. This act illustrated her belief that it is the “moral responsibility” of the United States to take action against climate change. Under her leadership, millions of young people have participated in nearly 2,200 events across 125 countries. Their combined voices protest the inaction of world leaders against climate change.

It is time for America to join them, which is why Taconic High School is participating in the Fridays for Future protest, for change in not just our community, but for the nation and the world!

Join us this Friday, September 20 from 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM as we stand in silent solidarity along the front sidewalk of the Taconic building. Students must hold posters to voice their concerns. Please do not interrupt the flow of traffic or create chaos that will distract from our message. At 8:00 AM we will head up to Taconic’s Track to continue the protest and listen to our community speakers apart of Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) until 9:30 AM. It is our moral responsibility to make positive change and influence the environment of our future.

Taconic H.S. Student Jenyka Ostellino

Other schools and groups throughout Berkshire County will be participating in similar events in support of Fridays for Future, including Pittsfield High School, Wahconah and Mt. Greylock Regional High School as well as Williamstown Elementary School.

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