Massachusetts has a legendary place in the formation of this country and a rich history of firsts. Some of the country's first restaurants, markets, bars, and even schools were located in Massachusetts, and some of them are still in operation today.

Massachusetts has a rich history in education and even to this day is one of the leaders in both public and private education. From the nation's first public schools to some of the most elite institutions of higher education, Massachusetts is home to some of the top prestigious educational elites in the world.

Massachusetts is also home to approximately 287,000 high school-age students, according to Those high students attend 641 high schools in Massachusetts, which are made up of 437 public schools and 204 private schools. Massachusetts ranks as the 17th state in terms of student enrollment and 18th in terms of total number of schools.

What is the Largest School District in Massachusetts?

While Boston Public Schools have the highest enrollment at just under 47,000 students, Central Berkshire Regional School District is the largest school district by area in the state of Massachusetts, covering over 214 square miles.

Central Berkshire Regional School District serves seven towns in western Massachusetts, six of which are located in central Berkshire County including Becket, Dalton, Hinsdale, Peru, Washing, and Windsor in addition to Cummington which is located in neighboring Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Largest Schools District Only Educates 1,500 Students

Despite the large geographic area it covers, the district only has three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school and serves about 1,500 students. Comparatively, Boston Public Schools, Massachusetts' largest district based on enrollment, educates 54,000 students at 125 schools.


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