The Massachusetts State Lottery is waiting for some lucky lottery player to walk in and claim their lottery winnings on $25,000 every year for the rest of their life.  The winning numbers were 24-18-42-15-30 LB 10.

The ticket for the Mass State Lottery's "Lucky for Life" was sold at the EZ Mart Foods on Ashland Street on Sunday.  The $25,000 prize is actually the lottery game's second-tier prize for matching all 5 numbers between 1 - 48.  To win the grand prize of $7,000 for life you also would have to match the 6th "Lucky Ball" ...a number between 1 -18.  The Lucky for Life ticket costs $2 per ticket. The winner of $25,000 for life will have a year to claim their winnings.

If you are holding the winning ticket follow this link to claim your prize.

Each Lucky for Life play costs $2 and is drawn nightly.  You must purchase your ticket before 9:30 pm.  Quick Pick is also available for this game.

attachment-na winner

Below is the video from the Mass State Lottery of last night's winning Lucky for Life Drawing.  Congratulations to the winner of last night's winning ticket!


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