So if you're one to watch the news all the time, you probably are perceiving the country to be a living hell where everyone hates each other. It's just not true. In fact, 90% of the country are saying hello to each other and holding doors for one another right now!

One nice gesture that I have been the recipient of twice in the last month is having my order paid for in the Dunkin' line. "Paying it forward" has been a thing for quite a while now. It's when, (in a drive-thru for example), the car in front of you pays for the total stranger behind them (you).

Basically, instead of repaying someone who did something nice for you, you return the gesture to someone else.

So last month in the Lanesborough Dunkin' line, I was informed that the car in front of me had paid for my order. Before I said "Thank You" and drove off, I asked how much the car's order behind me was (classic me).

A friend of mine was on speakerphone and heard me ask the guy at the window how much the order was and explained to me that that's not how it works. I said, "What if his order was brunch for the office"? Anyway, I did my part and paid it forward.

Pittsfield Police officer Marc Maddelena was a recent recipient and had this to say.


I reached out to Ofc. Darren Derby to comment on the rumor that all officers get "free Dunkin Donuts", he explained that is just NOT the case.

If you have the means, pay it forward. If nothing else, it's good karma.


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