Berkshire County continues to be a cultural destination for tourists. Sometimes I think we forget just how great we have it in the Berkshires as we take much of what our county offers for granted. Well, at least some of us do. Sometimes, it takes a visitor to open our eyes and remind us that we're lucky to be living in the Berkshires.

One aspect I didn't realize until I started doing some research is the number of movies that have been filmed in Berkshire County. We certainly hold our own when it comes to production companies wanting to take advantage of what our county has to offer and show it off on the big screen. Then again, it shouldn't be so surprising when you think about the actors and actresses that come to our county to partake in the Williamstown Theater Festival, Berkshire International Film Festival, Shakespeare and Company, and the list goes on and on.

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I'm sure that there is no doubt that when on-screen talent makes their way to the Berkshires to work on a project, they also take in as much as possible what our county has to offer. That is if they have any downtime.

Speaking of the movies. A couple of months ago we shared with you a list of 12 movies that were filmed in Berkshire County. The list was a big hit. In addition, there were a few movies not on that list that readers suggest we add. We have done just that. More digging has taken place and we have added five more films to the list. Let's take a look at the updated list and see which movies were filmed in Berkshire County.

17 Movies Filmed in Berkshire County

Speaking of celebs and the Berkshires, checkout this gallery below.

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