We should all be thankful it isn’t Pittsfield, Great Barrington, or North Adams that hosts this ridiculous event each year. What does it mean that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning?  It either means that the sun was out this morning in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania or maybe, just maybe it’s because of all those spotlights pointed at him. Nothing scientific about it.

According to USA Today in the past 10-years, Phil has predicted the length of winter only 40% of the time.  If you were a gambler in Vegas with that track record you would be broke.  Last winter Phil predicted an extended winter and the nation had below-average temps through March according to the USA Today report.

Why is it that anyone in their right mind would think that holding an animal in the air once a year can predict anything?  Although Groundhog Day isn’t the national money-grab like what Valentine's Day is for the flower, greeting card, candy, and jewelry industries it’s a scentless tradition that means nothing except for the poor groundhog that is forced into the cruel exhibition of being hoisted into the air by a weird guy in the funny hat in front of a crowd of screaming people and clicking cameras.

Outside of February 2nd, the reference to Groundhog Day means the same thing over and over.  Moving forward if this ridiculous ceremony has to take place, I’m hoping when raised into the air Phil takes a big dump all over funny-hat-guy and does so each and every year.  I “predict” then and only then I will actually watch.

Sorry, you have to deal with all of this Phil!

Louise Wightman
Louise Wightman

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