Okay, so 20 bucks might not get you front row to watch the Boston Bruins battle it out against the St. Louis Blues for the cup, but it's still a seat at The Garden and a chance to see the Eastern Conference Champs skate.

After an exceptionally long break between the Conference Finals, which ended May 16, and the final fight for the cup which kicks off Monday, the big bad Bruins decided they needed to shake it up, plus they missed their fans.

Tomorrow, Thursday May 23, the team will take on each other in an intrasquad scrimmage.  The Eastern Conference champion Bruins will split the team into two teams, Team White vs. Team Black, for two 25-minute periods.  Fans can purchase tickets for $20 a piece, with proceeds going to the Boston Bruins Foundation. If you decide to take the drive to Boston, parking at the North Station Garage will be offered for a discounted rate of $10.  The game kicks off at 7 p.m., and children in attendance will get free popcorn.

Get your tickets here, however there is a limit of four tickets a person.

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