The list for Berkshire County residents questing to be richer(or at least comfortably well-off) is at least one name shorter thanks to a lucky purchase made recently at a Mobil gas station this past Monday.

Now I realize that a million bucks isn't nearly enough money to purchase the palatial estate, the private Lear jet to take you to exotic destinations all over the world, or the gold-plated swimming pool. Especially nowadays. Isn't that a depressing thought? Just knowing that a million dollars can't buy what it used to?

Regardless, a cool million is still a heckuva lot of money even after taxes(that would leave $650,000), so I'm very happy(and a little jealous, can't lie) for this lucky individual who purchased a "$4,000,000 Money Bags" scratch-off ticket at a Mobil gas station in the town of Adams on Monday.

And this person wasn't alone. According to the Massachusetts State Lottery, somebody in North Adams won 10 grand from a Cashword scratch ticket bought at West Package Store.

Another lucky so-and-so won $5,000 on Monday from a scratch ticket purchased at Johnnie's Super Store on Peck's Road in Pittsfield. What's my point to all this? Well, I guess I don't have one. Other than this: I constantly complain that I never win, but the truth is I don't play. And you know how that saying goes...

So until I make the choice to start playing the lottery, I'll continue to wish the best of luck to those who DO play. Sincerely. The Mass Lottery has more than enough to go around.

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