Every state is has its own unique set of things that only happen in their respective state, or region, for that matter. It has now been about two full weeks that I've been in The Berkshires and I've definitely picked up on some things in this particular region in western Massachusetts.

I'm no stranger to adjusting to different regions. I grew up in St. Louis, MO, right in the middle of the Midwest, which happened to have its own intriguing tidbits about it that give it its own particular flavor for living. I've also lived in North Dakota, where it's Winter for about eight months out of any given year. Most recently, I lived in Cheyenne, WY, which also allowed me to visit places like Fort Collins, CO and Denver quite often.

But now, I am here in Pittsfield, MA. The day I moved here, I told my brother over-the-phone how this place is definitely different from anywhere I had been before and two weeks later, I have even more reasons to stand by that statement as I have gotten to learn some things about the surrounding area, the local community, the people here, and the general landscape.

The best part is that the people here that I've interacted with have all done their little part in helping me adjust given some of the stark differences here from the other spots that I've lived in. They've been very instrumental in the whole thing without even knowing it and that's awesome. So, in no particular order, here are 10 things that may shock people about making a move to The Berkshires...

10 Things That May Shock You About Moving to The Berkshires

That's what I've experienced so far in The Berkshires. So if there's anything left to say, I would just say that I hope it keep continuing to be awesome!

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