Massachusetts residents are known to have some pretty wild reputations, whether it be our rabid sports fans or that sweet accent (which really only a very small percentage of us actually have) nothing quite defines us like our drivers.  

While New York might have the reputation of being the worst drivers in U.S., I’d like to argue a strong case for the fact that Massholes (hey, it’s in the Oxford Dictionary) really take the cake.  

Listen, everyone has a bad day. Maybe they’re running late? And people (myself included) are equally distracted. I get it, but it seems like more often than not, Massachusetts residents are driving like idiots.  

Even my short ten-minute commute home from work makes me want to murder people. Ok, maybe that’s extreme, but drivers who won’t get their heads out of you know where make me crazy.  

In fact, I compiled a list of the things that Massachusetts drivers do that drive me absolutely bananas. Hope you can relate.  

Let’s Talk About Blinkers  


People Who Don’t Use Their Blinker 

Really guy? Is it too much of an effort to move your hand an inch to one side and apply an ounce of pressure to that think so that the rest of the world has some idea WTF you’re doing? The worst is when you’re waiting to pull out and someone turns with no directional. Like, I totally could have pulled out if you just gave me a heads up.  

People Who Drive with Their Blinker On  

No this can cause a serious accident. You’re literally telling people it’s safe to pull out, because I will be turning off the road. All jokes aside, PAY ATTENTION. Not only does your blinker flash on your display, but many also make a noise. Be a grown up and act like you’re driving a machine that could kill someone. If your eyes or ears are so bad that you don’t notice, then you should probably relinquish your license.  

People Who Turn on Their Blinker AS They’re Making a Turn 

If you're this guy, you probably also show up to things one minute late and still try to convince people that you’re on time. You’re not, you’re late. Directional are there to give other drivers advance notice to you turn. If you’re pressing on your breaks in advance, then hitting the blinker at the same time that you’re actually making your turn, YOU ARE THE WORST.  



People Who Literally Stop Traffic to Let Someone Go 

Listen, I’m all for letting people in when the time is right (in fact, we’ll get to that next) but people who wave people on at intersections when it’s not their right of way, when people basically stop traffic to let another driver go, you’re not being nice, you’re actually causing a dangerous situation and disrupting the flow of traffic. If you want people to know you’re considerate and kind, go volunteer or make a donation.  


People Who Never Let Other Drivers Go  

Listen, I get it, there is time and place for everything and the time to let someone into traffic is when you’re at a complete stop, or coming to a complete spot. I hate more than anything when you’re on a side street waiting to pull out on the main road and people are literally pulling up to red light and won’t stop to let you in. In a case like this, you’re just a D-Bag.  


At the end of the day, no driver is perfect, but let's all put in a little more effort to be a little less of a Masshole.


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