People sure seem desperate these days, don't they? The shameless will do anything for money, especially deceiving unassuming people to get what they want.

Washington, MA is a tiny town in the western part of the state with a population of about 550 or less.

On Tuesday, two men faked car trouble, then allegedly robbed a good samaritan who stopped to help.

Car thief trying to break into a car with a screwdriver. Car thief, car theft.

The man noticed a silver Nissan Sentra with its license plate mounted on the back on the window pulled off to the side of Washington Mountain Rd in Washington. The vehicle appeared to be disabled with its hood up and all.

When he approached the men to try and help them, he got robbed, according to Police Chief Nicole Miller.

David Lentz

The two young men with the car forced the man to hand over his wallet with several hundred dollars cash and then fled, driving south. Police are searching for the vehicle, which had a license plate that was propped up in the back window rather than mounted properly.

Chief Miller advises residents when encountering a stranded vehicle to call the police to assist the driver rather than stop themselves, especially if it is someone who is not familiar to you.

Situations like this are hopefully uncommon, but unfortunately not unheard of. Residents should take care and exercise careful judgment.

It's too bad that this man will probably second guess the next time he stops to aid someone in need. Washington is pretty rural. These guys absolutely knew what they were doing.

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