The Pittsfield Fire Department was dispatched to 6 White Terrace around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday night for a reported structure fire. This is the fourth fire over the years that have affected the White Terrace apartment buildings, this time, however, thankfully, the building was unoccupied.

"Heavy black smoke was chugging from every window on the fourth floor when I was pulling up to the scene", said Pittsfield Fire Deputy Chief Neil Myers.

The photo below courtesy of pfd24seven on Instagram shows the smoke.

attachment-9-8-21 White Terrace 2

Firefighters battled the three-alarm blaze throughout the night in sometimes heavy rain. The building sustained heavy fire, heat, smoke, and water damage, and the value of the loss is undetermined at this point according to a media release from the Pittsfield Fire Department.


Two firefighters were transported to BMC for smoke inhalation. Both were treated and were released. One firefighter suffered a laceration to his hand from falling glass and another suffered an elbow injury during ventilation.

Crews battled a large fire at the same location, not the same building, however, in September of 2017 which left 24 people homeless.

Slater and Marjo spoke with Deputy Chief Neil Myers on Thursday morning. You can listen below.

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