At one point, forecasters were calling for up to 6 inches of snow in Pittsfield and everyone was glum. However, besides some hilltowns, the storm was kind of a bust.

The spring of 2021 has treated us well so far, (weather-wise), and we should count our blessings, right? I mean, there are far worse things than a mid-April snowstorm.

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1. The Scratch Ticket Enthusiast

Ok... So we all know the person in the check-out line at your local convenience store that wholeheartedly believes that the number on the back of a scratch ticket is somehow indicative of a potential winner. Some even think if that if the small part of the previous scratch ticket in the book is hanging from a ticket, that's good luck. We all have things to do in life, so please move it along.

2. The Close Talker

I will never understand why people don't realize that they talk too close. Like, when I constantly back up when you talk to me, YOU'RE TOO CLOSE. Get your hot trash breath outta here.

3. When Water Comes Out Of The Ketchup Or Mustard Bottle

This freaks me out. I don't know why I forget to shake the ketchup or mustard bottle, but I do sometimes and it's terrible. Unless it's for my kids' meals (I just mix the water into it), I will throw the whole plate out and start over. I can be extreme, I know.

4. When You Cut Your Nails Too Close

I don't recommend doing anything (that takes a lot of concentration) drunk. Just listen to music, watch TV, play guitar, hang with friends, etc... DO NOT cut your nails intoxicated, especially your TOE nails. You'll take out chunks of nail, and nails don't grow back that quickly. Ouch.

5. Chewing On Tinfoil When You Have Silver Fillings In Your Teeth

For anyone who still has those old mercury-laden amalgam fillings in your teeth, trust me, you do not want to chew on tinfoil. If you want to feel electrical currents circulating around your mouth in the funkiest way, then, by all means, do it. I'd rather stick my tongue in between a 9-volt battery.

Thanks for listening.

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