We here at Live 95.9 has a special love for all things from the 1990's. Slater, Mike and I grew up in an era that hosted a renaissance of television, movies and music, which I will still argue to this day, was the best decade for pop music. It's why we have the Throwback Throwdown on Friday nights, it's why we rock out to the 90's at Noon every day during your lunch hour.

Well, lovers of the 90's, a little treat for you this weekend, Blues Traveler will be coming to the stage at The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington on Saturday night. Four was one of my favorite albums of the 90's and I would constantly steal my brothers copy, because mine was all scratched up. Ahhh, scratched CDs, remember those? I remember thinking that John Popper with his arsenal of harmonicas and mutton chops was the coolest. His soulful, yet at times almost rap vocals accompanied a bluesy pop rock was something that I had never heard before.

Blues Traveler has being going strong since the 80's, and even after their spike in popularity with 1994's Four, which garnered the band a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance, have continued to tour tirelessly, with their improvisational style live show gaining a dedicated following. Aside from touring, the band has continued to make no music,  releasing 20 full-length albums with their most recent, Blow Up the Moon, being a collaborative effort featuring a range of artists across the musical spectrum, representing country, pop, reggae and hip-hop.

Some friends and I are heading to the show, and I truly hope to be taken back to the golden age of music, the 90's. Review to follow.

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