There may be some disappointment for folks in the Berkshires as over the past couple of weeks a number of annual fall festivals have been canceled due to the current health situation caused by COVID-19. Events including Lee Founder's Day, The Lenox Apple Squeeze, and the Harvest Festival at Berkshire Botanical Garden have all had the plug pulled on them. There are probably a number of other events that have to be canceled but you get the idea.

There is some great news for folks who want to attend a fall-themed event here in Berkshire County. The Farm New Marlborough (343 New Marlborough-Southfield Road, New Marlborough) is hosting its 2nd bi-annual Harvest Festival on Sunday, Oct. 10 from noon to 6 pm and they want you. That's right! They are looking for vendors, bands, and others who may have wares or want to sell barter. The event is sure to have something for everyone including live music, farm food, farm contests, free farm tours with farmer Tom driving the hay wagon throughout the day, and much more. Bring your own lawn chairs and blankets and you'll have a blast on a Sunday afternoon at the farm.

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If you would like to be a vendor or play music, etc. call Jean Pollock at 413-229-2933.

Even though a number of Berkshire County fall events have been canceled you can still look forward to some fun, autumn activities at the Harvest Festival courtesy of the Farm New Marlborough on Oct. 10.

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