Whenever I take a trip on vacation I try to check out at least one lighthouse. It's fun to explore and learn about these towers as they have guided the paths for ships and boats and shaped American history.

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America's First Lighthouse Was Built in Massachusetts and it's the Second Oldest in the Country 

One Lighthouse I have never visited before is located right here in Massachusetts and it's the Boston Light on Little Brewster Island in outer Boston Harbor. Boston Light was the first Lighthouse built in America back in 1716 and is the second oldest in the country.  Now you may be wondering if it was the first how come it's not the oldest? This is because the original lighthouse was destroyed by the British in 1776 during the Revolutionary War and was rebuilt in 1783. This puts the Sandy Hook Light in New York as the oldest surviving lighthouse in America as it was built in 1764.

Some Fun Facts About Boston Light

  • The lighthouse was built 60 years before the American Revolution
  • Light flashes white every 10 seconds; fog signal is one blast every 30 seconds.
  • Boston Light's granite base is 7 1/2 feet thick
  • Boston Light towers over Boston Harbor at 89 feet tall (nearly nine stories)
  • There are 76 stairs inside the tower
  • You can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Boston from the tower
  • Boston Light is one of nearly 400 lighthouses operated by the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Boston Light will be forever manned

You can get more information and historical background about Boston Light in a few videos below. You can check out a list of Massachusetts lighthouses by going here.

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