Massachusetts is full of culture, arts, natural beauty, and some of the most passionate sports fans around. In addition, some hilarious comedians and celebrities have come out of Massachusetts. For example, Bill Burr was born in Canton, Fred Allen was born in Cambridge, Steve Carrell was born in Concord, Rachel Dratch was born in Lexington, Conan O'Brien was born in Brookline, Pete Holmes was born in Boston and that's just a tip of the iceberg. The point is Massachusetts has produced a large number of people who bring laughs and joy to our lives on a regular basis.

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The Funniest City in America for 2023 is Located in Massachusetts

Speaking of Boston, did you know that Beantown has been ranked as the funniest city in America for 2023? That's right Boston trumps all other cities when it comes to the funny department. Shiny Smiles Veneers conducted the study and based on their criteria found that Boston is the funniest city in the US. Here's an excerpt from the site's ranking of Boston.

Taking the crown as the funniest city in the country is none other than Boston, with a score of 94 out of 100. Boston ranks #1 due to high scores across all the factors: 20/20 in “residents per comedy special,” 27/30 in “residents per festival,” 37/40 in “residents per club,” and 10/10 for search volume.

There's no doubt that Boston residents have a great sense of humor and enjoy their comedy. The city that took the second place was Los Angeles followed by San Francisco in third.

Some Other Fun Facts from the Study:

  • The funniest states are Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois.
  • Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Delirious are the top two nationally searched comedy specials.

If you are looking to laugh, make a trip to Boston as you'll most likely have a smile on your face during your visit. You can check out more results, fun facts, and methodology from the study by going here.

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