Jason Smegal, owner of J. Smegal Roofing and Gutters, broke both of his heels last month when he leapt off a ladder at his shop in Pittsfield, MA.

It appeared as though some material was going to fall on him when he decided to jump from the rung he was standing on about twelve feet above the concrete floor below.

Luckily the safety rails kept the material from falling, however, it left Smegal squirming in pain and having to call 911.

Both Heels Shattered

A trip to the hospital revealed Smegal had seriously injured himself. Shattering both heals and needing surgery, Jason is now wheelchair bound for the next four months.


Jason Smegal Is My Friend and Neighbor

I wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and your family at the moment. I know you'll be ok, but this is just another bump in the road for you guys. Your family has sure had their share of tragedy over the recent years, but you guys persevere. 

You're a guy who never balks when I ask for favor plowing my driveway or anything else. You're always willing to help others in need, including employees who may be down on their luck.

You Can Still Laugh

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Smegal has organically grown his roofing business over the last couple of years including becoming certified installers of Klaus Roofing and Gutter Shutter, employing a ton of local workers.

Jason and his wife Katie, also an entrepreneur (Bianco's Limousine), are also the parents of two young boys, Wyatt and Wesley.

Get well soon, bud.

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