Sometime in the latter part of the 20th century, the anti-litter movement really took off. "Don't be a litter bug", you know, stuff like that. I mean, is there really anything more disgusting than littering in this wonderful planet? Maybe utility poles, they are pretty ugly. Miles and miles of tall wooden poles strung together by thick black wires...

If you are one of those people who just drive around the city, you may not notice the amount of trash people chuck out their window. It really takes a good long walk or run to realize the amount of litter on the streets, namely alcohol. You know, like packaging, cans, and most commonly, NIPS.

The nip problem has gotten so bad in some areas of Massachusetts, you have city councilors drafting petitions to ban the sale of nips in their city.



It feels like every time I'm in line at the convenience store, someone in front of me is asking for a sleeve of Fireball, bro. Unfortunately, a lot of those little plastic bottles end up on the street.

The City of Newton has had enough; however, and come this June, it's all over.

The Newton Licensing Commission banned liquor stores and other retail businesses from selling “nips,” alcoholic beverages less than or equal to 100 milliliters, after June 30, 2022, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller announced in her update on Nov. 18. 

With the ban, the City looks to eliminate environmental waste created by the miniature bottles, according to Emily Norton, a Ward 2 councilor who advocated for the ban.

Apparently Newton isn't the only city that has banned nips, or has plans to, Chelsea, Wareham, and Mashpee also have joined the fight in combating nip pollution.

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