My wife texted me this morning that after the last three years of getting a real Christmas tree, she wants to go fake this year.

Although there was little to clean up last year, a few pine needles and a little sap; did you know that some trees can act as a little nesting home? Found on, here are 5 common tree critters.

  1. Aphids. Small sap sucking insects varying widely in color, usually found lower on the tree.
  2. Spiders and Mites. Appearing as tiny red and brown dots causing early needle drop.
  3. Adelgids. Small, sap sucking bugs usually associated with conifers and sometimes mistaken for light snow on the tree.
  4. Praying Mantises. Tan in color egg masses that can contain 400 eggs!
  5. Bark Beetles. Red, brown, or black hard-bodied bugs. Look for sawdust around the trunk.

33 million trees are sold in the U.S. every year and some can contain up to 25,000 bugs according to Leave the tree in the garage for a couple days and shake it out!


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