Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says Covid-19 vaccines will be in the arm of first responders starting on Monday, Jan. 11.

Local Berkshire first responders including police, fire and ems are scheduling their appointments this week.

Pittsfield firefighter Devon Whalen posted to his facebook page, "COVID vaccine on the 11th let’s gooooooo".

Over 2300 employees at Berkshire Health Systems have already received their first shots of the mRNA vaccine.

Recently there have been some national news stories concerning severe allergic reaction to the vaccine. The CDC put out a statement on Wednesday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that severe allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are “exceedingly rare.”

The group says just 21 people out of 1.9 million vaccinated in the U.S. have reported such a reaction, and of those 21 who experienced anaphylaxis after being vaccinated, 17 had a history of similar reactions to other vaccines or medications, and all 21 recovered, though some required hospital care. UPI

The rate of anaphylaxis with the COVID vaccines may seem high compared to the flu vaccine, but this is still a rare outcome. It’s paramount people get vaccinated.


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