I purchased an ATV with a plow last winter and it was an amazing purchase. This machine (Polaris Sportsman 450) moves the snow with ease and it's super fun to take in the woods.

There are some common FAQs regarding registration and insurance in Massachusetts.


Christmas is on the way and so is the snow, even in the predicted El Nino weather pattern. Massachusetts has an abundance of trails for public use if you don't have access to private land.

Registration In Massachusetts: ATV or Snowmobile

Group of red snowmobiles in Finnish Lapland sunny landscape

First time registration for your ATV or snowmobile must be done in person or by snail mail, renewals can be done online.

Yes, this required. You can register your ATV by mail or in person. -mass.gov

Massachusetts registration locations for ATV, boat, and snowmobile include Boston, Fall River, Springfield, Hyannis, and Worcester. You cannot just walk into any Registry of Motor Vehicles, they will not process it.

Insurance In Massachusetts:


This is optional.

ATV riders in Massachusetts generally aren't required by law to have insurance, but ATV coverage can provide important protections. The vast majority of ATV owners in the state probably should carry a policy, as not having coverage can leave owners exposed to property, injury and liability risks anytime they ride. -rogerkeith.com

As you can see from the aforementioned, registration for your ATV is a must, however, insurance in optional.

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