Every Wednesday at 8:30 we're joined by John Perreault, Executive Director of the Berkshire Humane Society to discuss all the happenings at their Barker Road facility, plus talk about their Pet of the Week.

This week's Pet of Week is Dan Fogelberg. Dan is the last of the group of cats that were dumped in Richmond and Lanesboro in the dead of winter. Thanks to the work of shelter staff and volunteers all but one of the cats have been made available for adoption or have already been placed in homes. The 11th and final cat, Eric Clapton, is still improving at the shelter and will eventually be available for adoption.

Dan is a handsome neutered grey domestic shorthaired cat about 5 years in age. He has obviously lived with other cats before, but not with children. Dan deserves a loving home after everything he and the other cats have been through.





If you think you can provide that home, please call 413-447-7878, extension 124 for more information.


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