In the spirit of the upcoming Fire Fighter Combat Challenge slated for June 14 & 15 at Berkshire Crossings in Pittsfield, independent investment advisory firm Berkshire Money Management will host a five-event combat challenge involving nearly a dozen local teams.  Not only will the crew at Berkshire Money Management host the event, they'll be competing as well!

On Tuesday, May 14, teams from CrossFit Pittsfield, Gable Electric, the Dalton and Pittsfield Fire Departments as well as the Berkshire County Special Response Team, will join the team from BMM on their home turf for the relay-style course created by Pittsfield Deputy Fire Chief Dan Garner.  Each leg has been inspired by the stations of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, a globally-recognized course that encourages firefighter fitness and demonstrates the profession's rigors to the public. The BMM Combat Challenge course will test competitors’ speed, agility, endurance, strength, precision, and teamwork as they move through the course with the goal of finishing with the fastest overall time.

The arena for this event is picturesque Model Farm at 161 Main St, Dalton, a former Crane & Co. property which became the home of the BMM offices in 2017.  All are welcome to come and check out the action on May 14, and the competition will be followed by a barbecue for competitors and their supporters. Slater and I will be broadcasting live throughout the event, for all the action, make sure you tune into Live 95.9!

While the BMM Combat Challenge began as a goodwill gesture by the investment firm to support the firefighters by sponsoring and promoting the upcoming official Firefighter Combat Challenge, the May 14 event quickly morphed from two teams to nearly a dozen competing for the glory of unseating the firefighters’ dedicated, national team.

There will be championship belts for the winners, and only the winners.  If you ain’t first, you’re last.  We wanted this to be a nice, friendly, family event. But now it’s a gladiator-level spectacle, and BMM is the Colosseum.....For the firefighters, now they’re feeling the pressure.  They are in a fight to stave off the embarrassment of a bunch of desk jockeys seizing their moment!

Berkshire Money Management Found and CEO

Allen Harris

And of course what competition would be complete without a little friendly banter...

Get your popcorn ready, 'cause the PFD is gonna put on a show.  I can't really hear what Allen says, because I've got my two State Records plugging my ears
Pittsfield Deputy Fire Chief Dan Garner

Good luck to all the competitors, and may the best team win!

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