About a week ago, we were pushing the panic button wondering if News 10 anchor John Gray departed from the Berkshire and capital region airwaves in conjunction with the debut of newcomer K.C. Kantz. Our business can be fickle in nature as we all ask questions if a familiar face is not seen and that was the case with John. We would post an update on the happenings at Northern Boulevard and here is the latest:

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John's revised schedule will keep him paired with Lydia Kulbida every weekday during the station's 5, 6 and 10 pm newscasts (the latter airs on FOX 23, WXXA-TV). K.C. will take over on the half hour and continue with the 11 pm broadcast alongside Trishna Begam. Lydia and Trishna will continue to present the 4 pm edition.

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According to John, he took a "much-needed" vacation last week and the changes coincided with his absence as viewers kept wondering what happened to the veteran broadcaster who has been a fixture in the airwaves for decades. Prior to channel 10, he was a reporter for crosstown rival, News Channel 13 and he anchored news at my old haunts on Dennis Terrace, K-LITE 101 (that was prior to my arrival in Albany. I wish we were colleagues but he already advanced to the realm of TV when I came on board in 1988).

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No doubt, John's presence maintains a following and viewers would have reacted unkindly if he left the friendly confines at Northern Boulevard. I truly am relieved he is staying put as he can breathe easier towards a work load that would not have him "multi-task" each and every day. I would say that K.C's addition is a so-called "blessing-in-disguise".

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News 10 is the ONLY ABC affiliate available on Berkshire cable systems. The station has a reputation of constant stability and even though some modifications have taken place, it is nice to know that word still carries meaning as John's nightly appearances are welcome in our living rooms with open arms. He works well with Lydia who is also a recognizable mainstay as she also co-anchored at channel 13, including the days when the late, GREAT Ed Dague (pictured below in an archived photo) shared the anchor desk with her prior to his retirement from WNYT.

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BOTTOM LINE: We haven't seen the last of John Gray and that's a good thing, in more ways than one!

(News 10 photo images courtesy of John Gray, KC Kantz and Trishna Begam's Facebook page)

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