Joe Prince heard me gushing about his breakfast drive-thru and cafe on Monday morning on "Slater & Marjo". My girlfriend Jackie is becoming hopelessly obsessed with this place inside The Village at Greylock plaza on Route 7 in Lanesborough and keeps sending me pics like the ones below.

Is This The Best Breakfast Wrap In Western Massachusetts?

The sausage, egg, and cheese wrap...



This place is exceptional. My boyfriend and I got a grilled cheese with bacon and 2 cold brew coffees. The grilled cheese came out so quickly and was so fresh and delicious. I LOVED the bread and the fresh cheese. Don't even get me started on the coffee. One sip and I was at a loss for words!!!! It was so delicious I drank it in like 3 seconds and the amazing owner came and asked me if I wanted a refill before I left. He filled it to the brim and it was free! What a stand up guy. Absolutely amazing, make sure to check it out! -Yelp review

Greylock Grounds Drive -Thru & Cafe in Lanesborough 


"It's not fast food, it's five minute food", said Prince. "We're the only drive-thru in New England offering local roasted coffee". Greylock Grounds has offers No. Six Depot coffee of West Stockbridge.

Featuring the areas only Drive Thru with Local Brew, we serve Greylock Grounds coffee, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, ice cream and so much more! Stop in to see us on Route 7 in Lanesboro, in the Village at Greylock.

attachment-SIX DEPOT

The Statue of Liberty

This is where folks can order their breakfast, which is about 200 feet from the shop. The coffee, lattes, wraps and paninis are to die for.




The Yellow Brick Road Walk Up Order Window

Lunch and dinner and ice cream. Prince said he wanted something memorable and cool at Greylock Grounds, so he decided on the surrounding yellow brick road seen here.


Berkshire Mantiques

Joe Prince also owns and runs the adjacent store.

Now located on Route 7, Berkshire Mantiques offers visitors and shoppers the opportunity to see some very unique pieces – over 100,000 of them! From Man Caves to She Sheds, something for your office or a one of a kind gift, Berkshire Mantiques has something for everyone! During the summer, we plan to have live music and local events.

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