Massachusetts is filled with so many fantastic eateries that it's hard to pick a favorite. From delicious farm-to-table restaurants in the Berkshire hills to some of the best Italian food outside of Italy in Boston's North End, and everything in between, Massachusetts is chock-full of culinary greatness.

When you think of the culinary scene in Massachusetts, or anywhere in New England, seafood is surely the first thing that comes to mind. You're not wrong. As of August this year, there are over 740 seafood restaurants in Massachusetts. That's more than double the number of cities and towns in the state.

While fresh seafood remains king of Massachusetts cuisine, I don't know a single red-blooded American who doesn't love a french fry? A simple, yet cherished indulgence, the french fry often takes a back seat to its burger counterpart but often deserves a spotlight of its own. So it brings us to the question, who has the best french fries in Massachusetts?

This Massachusetts Restaurant is Home to the Best French Fries in the U.S.

LoveFood, a popular food blog, recently looked at the french fries from each state in the U.S. to determine the best in the country. Their selections are based on authentic user reviews, awards, and accolades, as well as the first-hand experience of "their team".

Saus, with two locations in the greater Boston area, one downtown at 33 Union St and the second at Bow Market in Sommerville, Saus offers delicious and unique burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and of course french fries, that are all served with a variety of sauce options.


"The fries at Saus are inspired by those sold on pretty much every street corner and square in Belgium but with a twist: the potatoes are cut relatively thick. This results in an extremely crunchy exterior and a fluffy, almost cloud-like interior. Throw on some perfectly balanced seasoning, and you have a winner." -

Want to top with your fries with deliciousness? Saus takes a play from our Canadian neighbors to the north and features a variety of poutine as well.

Other New England Eateries represented on the list were Fryborg in Connecticut

"Fryborg was originally one of Connecticut’s favorite food trucks, specializing in all things deep-fried. It has since opened a brick-and-mortar location in Trumbull, where it continues to serve its incredible French fries – much to the delight of everyone who tastes them. Handcut with love and care, the fries at Fryborg form the base for the huge range of loaded fries. However, they’re also fantastic on their own, with a choice of 17 dipping sauces on offer, from standard ketchup to mayonnaise laced with herbes de Provence." - LoveFood 

Maine was represented by the classic Pier French Fries

"Pier French Fries has set the standard for fries in Maine for more than 80 years. The potatoes come to the small store fresh from local suppliers in New England, before being washed, peeled, and thickly crinkle-cut in-house. The stand is always busy, and for good reason – you’re guaranteed fresh, hot, and crispy fries, every time. The stand is such an institution, no visit to Old Orchard Beach is complete without a box of fries from the Pier." - LoveFood 

New Hampshire hits the list with The Puritan Backroom in Manchester.

"The Puritan Backroom is one of New Hampshire’s best and most beloved restaurants, keeping customers happy for over a century. The most famous dish here is the chicken tenders – so much so, that many presidential candidates have stopped by for a plate while on the campaign trail. However, the fries that come with them often steal the show. Fried until they’re a deep golden brown, these fries are pretty near perfect." - LoveFood

The smallest state in the country makes a big splash with Red Stripe Restaurant, located in Providence, Rhode Island.

"Red Stripe Restaurant is one of the best in Ocean State, and its fries are – according to many happy customers – the best, period. While these golden sticks of deliciousness work great as a side, they truly shine when ordered as an appetizer. Available with both a fresh aioli or tossed in decadent Parmesan and truffle, they live up to the billing of 'Rhode Island’s favorite!'" - LoveFood 

And the last New England state on the list was Vermont, represented by Al's French Fries in South Burlington.

"In some states there simply isn’t a competition for the crown of best French fries, and that’s especially true in Vermont. Here, Al’s French Frys reigns supreme. The 'frys' – as they're spelled on the menu – are cooked to perfection before being given a generous dose of seasoning. You're guaranteed that on every visit, you’ll get a hot, crisp, and salty batch of the best fries in the Green Mountain State. The only decision to make is whether to get a cup, pint, or full quart."


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