Data from the Cannabis Control Commission in Massachusetts showed that a record number of people bought recreational cannabis in the month of June.

Recreational marijuana sales in the state reached $132.8 million, the highest amount of adult-use gross sales in Massachusetts since adult-use marijuana retail stores opened in Nov. 2018.

Are residents of Massachusetts shifting their dollars from the black market to legal sales? Are they putting it on their credit card? Can you even purchase cannabis in Massachusetts on credit?

Bulat Silvia
Bulat Silvia

How Do Most People Pay For Cannabis In Massachusetts?

Reports show that cash is the primary way folks are paying for their recreational cannabis. Debit transactions are the only other way to pay as of now.

Credit Card purchases for cannabis products are not permitted in Massachusetts.

You cannot use your credit card to purchase cannabis because the fact that cannabis still remains federally illegal and credit cards in general are usually issued by one of four companies (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Those banks are under federal jurisdiction. -Nate Girard (Bloom Brothers, Pittsfield, MA)

Can You Get Around The Credit Card Rule?

Is purchasing a gift card with a credit card and then using the gift card ok? No.

Can you Venmo the owner on the side for you recreational adult use of cannabis ok in Massachusetts? No.

All good tries, though!

If and when cannabis becomes federally legal, the credit card game may change.

I hope you found this post informative.

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