Summer brings a variety of fun events and activities to Massachusetts. Swimming, hiking, biking, and camping are all summer activities you can partake in here in the Bay State. Of course, you can take a trip to Boston and catch the Red Sox in action at home from Fenway Park or maybe jump on some thrill rides at Six Flags New England in Agawam. The point is there is no shortage when it comes to summer fun in Massachusetts.

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Another fun activity we see this time of year is car shows and a popular one that draws people from all over the country will be coming up this August. Once again, the Great Barrington Fire Department will be hosting the annual Main Street Car Show in downtown Great Barrington. You'll be able to check out classic cruisers up and down Main and Railroad Streets.

What are the Details of the UpComing Car Show in Great Barrington? 

The Great Barrington Fire Department's Main Street Car Show will be taking place on Thursday, Aug. 3 from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. (rain date Aug. 10). While you're checking out the classic cars there will be food and vendors lined up all along Main Street with music provided by the Olde Yankee Street Rods. While there technically isn't an entry fee, there is a $10 donation that will benefit the Great Barrington Fire Department Scholarship Fund which is dedicated in memory of Rod Mead.

Check Out Some Photos from Last Year's Main Street Car Show in Great Barrington

We have some photos from last year's Main Street Car Show in Great Barrington which you can check out below. We'll see you on Aug. 3 in downtown Great Barrington.

Great Barrington Fire Departrment's Main Street Car Show - Aug. 4, 2022

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